Green Cleaning Service

      We provide a ground breaking cleaning service that no one offers to date. Using natural steam cleaning to clean surfaces in offices such as chairs, carpets and drapes, we eliminate the contaminants and pollutants found in offices that contribute to employee illnesses and diminished productivity. We remove harmful contaminants locked in surfaces and reduce these allergens in the workplace. Our green cleaning products are made using completely natural products such as corn, sugar cane, tree sap, processed coconut extract and de-ionized water. Our products are safe for the workplace, for the home and for the environment. No harmful chemicals, toxins, or fumes ever!
A. G. Martello Enterprises Ltd. is helping businesses across Canada GO GREEN by providing a unique line of products and services that will make your workplace eco-friendly.

We offer a line of office furniture that is chemical-free and sustainable and also provide office services to ensure that pollutants in the workplace are eliminated. Reduce employee absenteeism due to illnesses by taking advanatge of our GO GREEN OFFICE SERVICES.

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